Jung Chan Woo apologizes for improper comment under a post for Kim Joo Hyuk's passing

2017年10月31日     4,750     檢舉

Comedian Jung Chan Woo apologized for his comment.

Sunmi had posted a picture of a

chrysanthemum to express her condolences forKim Joo Hyuk'spassingwith thecaption"Rest in peace." Jung Chan Woo had replied to her post and wrote, "That's a pretty flower." The post did not sit too well with netizens, who thought the comment was completely inappropriate.

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He tried to explain himself on Sunmi's post after realizing what the post was about and said, "I'm so sorry. I did not read the caption." He also apologized on his Twitter and explained, "I apologize sincerely. I left a comment without thinking and offended many people. I don't have an excuse and I'm sorry that I disappointed many people by not being careful. I admit I was wrong. I am sorry. I can only say sorry. I sincerely hope he rests in peace."

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