Netizens are offended by Yoo Ah In's 'RIP' response following Kim Joo Hyuk's passing

2017年11月01日     3,179     檢舉

Numerous celebrities have been expressing their condolences in light of actor Kim Joo Hyuk's passing; however, one particular actor is getting a bad rap after posting his own message of condolences via social media.

On October 30, Yoo Ah In wrote the words, "We send out our deepest condolences, RIP," and posted a screenshot of Benjamin Clementine's song titled "Condolence."

Some netizens felt rather taken aback by the response, as comments poured in, "Is he an American/British celebrity? Is he not Korean?", "I don't understand can't he just write out 'We send out our deepest condolences in Korean', instead of just plainly writing 'R.I.P' in English?", "You should send out a text message to the mourning families around you later on with 'R.I.P.' in English," etc.

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On the flip side, many were baffled by the negative energy, as others said, "I looked this up after hearing about all the hype and...really? why?! I'm lost for words~ I mean how else are you supposed to express your sorrows and not get hated on?", "I don't get how you get to mess around with someone's sincere feelings of grief just because he's a famous celebrity? Everyone is entitled to express his/her feelings in a unique way", "I really don't see what the problem is here", and such.

Meanwhile, actor Kim Joo Hyuk died in an unfortunate car accident on the evening of October 30.

애도는 우리의 몫;부디 RIP-

Yoo Ah In

Kim Joo Hyuk