JYJ's Jaejoong confesses how he was nervous fans might leave him while he served in the military

2017年11月01日     1,511     檢舉

The October 31 broadcast of SBS''One Night of Entertainment' featured an interview with JYJ'sJaejoong.

With MC Jo Eun Jung, the idol star took a seat at an outdoor BBQ deliciously filled with hanwoo beef (premium beef in Korea) and a basket of lettuce.

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"They say that November 1 is preserved for hanwoo-eating day in Korea," said the MC as Jaejoong nodded with much interest. Then the two began to grill the meat while also continuing the interview.

During their conversation, Jaejoong confessed how he felt nervous during the two years he was serving in the military. "I was really nervous for the past two years thinking fans would turn away and leave. I was delighted (to see a crowd of fans) as soon as I was discharged."


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