Korean media criticized for flying drones out for a glimpse of Song-Song couple's private wedding

2017年11月01日     2,316     檢舉

Netizens are not impressed with Korean news outlets.

Some news outlets have tried to get a glimpse at Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki's private wedding. More than one news outlet flew a drone above their outdoors wedding venue to take photos of the setup. Others snuck in as far as possible and took photos through windows of buildings, and yet others took out rooms in the Shilla Hotel where the wedding was being held and took photos through the windows of their rooms.

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The result ended in flowing criticism to the outlets. The Song-Song couple had emphasized their want for privacy and a lack of media outlets at their wedding, and readers are strongly criticizing the lengths the news outlets are going to invade their privacy.

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Song Joong Ki

Song Hye Kyo