Krystal starts following Jonghyun on Instagram

2017年12月21日     10,823     檢舉

Krystal expressed affection toward Jonghyun on social media following his death.

In the morning of December 19, Krystal started following Jonghyun on Instagram. On the same day, Krystal made a visit to Asan Medical Center Funeral Home for the late artist.

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It's well known that Krystal and Jonghyun were more than just labelmates. During 'Jonghyun's Blue Night' in the past, Krystal talked about her strong bond with Jonghyun, and said, "Oppa is like a true brother to me. I don't have a brother, and he's the one who plays that role for me."

Netizens are expressing deep sorrow at the unfortunate loss.

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