Japanese show 'Sukkiri' criticized for asking TVXQ about Jonghyun's death on a live broadcast

2017年12月21日     4,818     檢舉

Netizens are criticizing Nippon TV's 'Sukkiri' for asking TVXQ questions about Jonghyun during a live broadcast.

On December 19, TVXQ guested on the Japanese show to promote their new album. Changmin and Yunho, dressed in all black, maintained a solemn expression throughout the show as the schedule took place soon after they were informed about the death of their labelmate.

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The host of the show, well-aware of the unfortunate situation, commented, "We've heard the breaking news about your hoobae Jonghyun."

Yunho responded, "My feelings are so flustered. I can't believe it. We plan to make a visit right after this broadcast." Changmin also let out a sigh and said, "He's like a brother to me and he was the best artist. I can't describe it in words..."

TVXQ attempted to remain composed, however, many viewers were able to see that they were having a difficult time.

Netizens poured out criticism against 'Sukkiri' for giving such questions to TVXQ. Comments stated, "Are they crazy?", "Do they not have a brain?", "It's heartbreaking to see them trying to hold back the tears."

Although some claim the remark regarding Jonghyun's death was discussed ahead of time, many netizens still believe the topic was inappropriate and disrespectful.

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