EXO's Suho ends up shedding tears on stage during his musical

2017年12月21日     3,858     檢舉

EXO's Suho failed to hold back tears during his musical performance.

On December 20, Suho performed on the stage at LG Art Center in Gangnam, Seoul for his musical 'The Last Kiss'.

It's reported that at the end of the show, Suho ended up breaking down in tears. A staff member from the scene stated, "Suho must've had a hard time but he resisted all and successfully completed the show. But he ended up shedding tears during the curtain call."

A fan from the audience also shared on Twitter, "He had to do the last performance but he couldn't keep his head up because he was crying TT The other actor came over and gave him a hug."

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Suho was close friends with SHINee's Jonghyun. The two went through long trainee days under SM Entertainment together. The musical took place a day after Suho made a visit to Asan Medical Center Funeral Home for his late friend, who passed away on December 18.

Netizens expressed sympathy for the unfortunate loss, commenting, "I don't personally know Jonghyun and I'm even really sad TT I can't imagine what his close peers are feeling right now", "Laughing, acting, and dancing in such situation... It really is a tough job. Celebrities need counseling..", "He must be feeling terrible inside... SM family who was close to Jonghyun need special care", "They recently took pictures together at SM Halloween Party and all.. TT Suho must be having a really hard time..."