[SPOILER] Final episode of 'Stray Kids' announces the members of JYP Entertainment's new boy group

2017年12月21日     1,598     檢舉

The final episode of Mnet's 'Stray Kids' aired on December 19.

Producer J.Y. Park of JYP Entertainment announced, "It's time to confirm the final members." He asked the viewers for their active participation with the votes, saying, "Please give us your opinion on which members you wish to debut."

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The final stage consisted of performances by the remaining 7 trainees, as well as performances with all 9 trainees, including the 2 previously eliminated trainees Felix and Lee Min Ho.

As for the reason why he's giving a second chance to the eliminated trainees, J.Y. Park explained, "After the missions, the (performances with only the) 7 members seem more organized and had greater chemistry but there was this unknown energy of the first 9 members that kept coming back to my mind. I wanted to see it again."

"YaYaYa" by 7 trainees

After seeing the first performance of "YaYaYa" by the 7 trainees, J.Y. Park gave out much praise, commenting, "I used to share the good and bads of each member but it was hard to single out the members because the 7 of you really seemed like one team. You guys have changed a lot."

"Young Wings" by 7 trainees

The compliments continued for the trainees after the second performance. J.Y. Park stated, "The angle was perfect in the choreography in the beginning where the 7 members kneel and used their two arms."

Next, the performances with all 9 trainees took place.

"Hellavator" by all 9 trainees

"Grrr" by all 9 trainees

J.Y. Park expressed satisfaction at the performances with all 9 trainees and complimented Lee Min Ho and Felix for their improvements.

The final votes poured in and the results showed that vast majority (96%) wanted the new boy group to have all 9 members.

Ultimately, all 9 trainees - Bang Chan, Kim Woo Jin, Lee Min Ho, Felix, Seo Chang Bin, Hwang Hyun Jin, Han Ji Sung, Kim Seung Min, and Yang Seong Jin - have been confirmed for JYP Entertainment's new boy group and achieved their goal to debut together.


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