The moon turned pearl aqua green in the daylight sky on the day of Jonghyun's funeral procession

2017年12月21日     2,985     檢舉

On December 21, Japanese SHINee Worlds noticed a small, pearl aqua green dot in the daylight sky.

The dot can be seen from multiple viewpoints by Japanese fans, tweeting from various regions. Those who noticed and thought it to be the moon behind the sun, couldn't help but think of it as the late SHINee's Jonghyun, who "made it safely up."

As many of you know, pearl aqua green is SHINee's official fanclub color. SHINee Worlds all over the world, currently mourning from afar on the day of Jonghyun's funeral procession day, commented, "It's like he's letting us know he's okay", "He's above us all... he's looking down on us all", "Jonghyun is still working hard up there to make up happy", and more.

Check out some fans' photos of the pearl aqua green moon below.

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