SM Entertainment updates details of SHINee Jonghyun's public wake for fans

2017年12月21日     2,199     檢舉

SM Entertainment has revealed the details for SHINee Jonghyun's public wake for fans to pay their respects.

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Following his passing, Jonghyun's wake was attended by friends and family on December 18, and SM Entertainment stated a public mortuary would be made available for fans who'd like to mourn the idol star. On December 19, the label stated, "As the Asan Hospital funeral parlor is meant to be used with other visitors, it was inevitable to adjust the times for attendees. The decision was made after consulting with the bereaved family, and we ask for fans' understanding."

Fans will be able to pay their respects to Jonghyun on December 19 until 8PM KST and on the 20th from 12PM to 8PM. His funeral on the 21st will be private, and his burial has yet to be decided.

SM Entertainment has also arranged the cushions at SM's SUM CAFE, which are usually rearranged for artist comebacks and birthdays, to read 'RIP.'

Rest in peace to Jonghyun once again.

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