Music show PD reveals Taemin asked him to take good care of Jonghyun when he makes solo comeback

2017年12月21日     4,256     檢舉

MBC producer shared the heartbreaking request by Taemin that he can no longer fulfill.

On December 20, MBC producer Hu Hang uploaded a post on Instagram in condolence of Jonghyun.

With the photo of 'Show! Music Core' schedule for the first week of 2018, Hu Hang stated,

"The first singer for the first 'Show! Music Core' of 2018.

I can still clearly see Taemin's sincere eyes asking,

'Please take good care of hyung.'

You've really worked hard. Rest in peace."

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Jonghyun was preparing to make a solo comeback in January, while Taemin recently wrapped up solo promotions for "Move".

On December 18, Jonghyun was declared dead after being found unconscious at a residential hotel. The funeral processions are scheduled to take place on December 21.

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